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Are you in need for a new Thechnology application?

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    One does not usually go to a supermarket to buy running shoes.

    The same goes when you need an encoder. Why go to a company that sells everything but knows very little of each item?

    We, in Wesense Motion, specialize in encoders. Not controllers, not drivers or stepper motors.

    With a broad range of products, magnetic or optical, linear or rotary, sealed or non-contact, housed or IC based, we will have the perfect solution to all your motion sensing needs.

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    Magnetic Technology

    Previously, magnetic encoders were used as feedback sensors for low performance, low accuracy applications, such as crains, escalators and on. However, in the recent years new abilities and technologies were developed, dramatically enhansing the magnetic encoders performance. Today, more and more applications are using magnetic encoders, either On Axis or Off Axis, linear or rotational. Wesense Motion is proud to represent the most advanced magnetic encoder suppliers. You are welcome to review the various magnetic encoders on our website and contact us later on for a meeting to discuss your needs.

    Optical Technology

    Optical encoder technology has been used for the past 40 years. Historically, optical encoders were used on rotary applications, which means sensors using 3 subsystems: LED, optical ring, reflector. Later on, linear optical technology was developed and linear optical encoders were developed. At the same time, reflective sensors were developed, which reduced the complexity of the encoder design and their height. However, most of the applications that were using these linear encoders were for CNC machines. Due to the harsh environment (dust, oil and on) these encoders were sealed ones. The basic advantages of this technology were high resolutions and high accuracy. However, the prices were high (as high as 4000$/m). You are welcome to review the various optical encoders on our website and contact us later on for a meeting to discuss your needs.

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