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Harsh Environment

What makes for a harsh environment? For an application, a harsh environment could be considered aset of conditions that can cause harm over a period of time. For example, an electrical circuit can be easily damaged or destroyed if introduced to water or high humidity levels. Other potentially damaging conditions include extreme temperatures and temperature cycles, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference (EMI), vibrations, physical impact, dust, salty environment and on.

Many applications need electronics and mechanics that are designed to operate in harsh environments. The downhole oil and gas industry is one such example, requiring high-reliability parts with temperature ratings which often surpass military specifications. Standards, such as NEMA ratings and the IP code (IEC 60529), exist to quantify the degree to which a product can withstand various harsh conditions.

Engineers must take into account a harsh environment prior to the design stage of development. The specific environmental conditions in which the product will be used will affect the product specifications, and must be determined beforehand.

Having the broadest range of technologies, Wesense can offer its customer either off-the-shelf products, or custom made ones, to fit most demanding environmental conditions, combined with the needs for high to extreme performance.

With optical encoders that can operate down to -54 Deg and up to +125 Deg, or magnetic encoders that can operate in similar temperature range, but also in a very dirty environment, all the way to inductive encoders which perfectly fit such conditions (but offer lower degree of accuracy), we can meet most of our customer demands.  

Wesense Motion offers high reliability Non-Contact rotary optical and magnetic encoders or IC’s that perfectly fit these technologies demands.  We can offer you either packaged encoders (housed encoders), PCB and grating only, or the individual IC’s so you can assemble them on your PCB to reduce weight, space and costs. We can offer you PCB based products that can be integrated into your systems motors or motion systems and we can offer you packaged encoders, either magnetic or optical with any required resolution at a very competitive price. Our encoders are unique in the market as they offer high performance and low costs compared to similar products. From as small as 8mm diameter up to actually any diameter, we can offer any required size and resolution. 


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