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Magnetic Technology

Previously, magnetic encoders were used as feedback sensors for low performance, low accuracy applications, such as crains, escalators and on. However, in the recent years new abilities and technologies were developed, dramatically enhansing the magnetic encoders performance. Today, more and more applications are using magnetic encoders, either On Axis or Off Axis, linear or rotational.

Wesense Motion is proud to represent the most advanced magnetic encoder suppliers.

We are the only local supplier which can offer the following technical specifications for its magnetic encoders:

1.    High resolution – up to 20nm!

2.    High accuracy scales and rings – up to ±3µ/m!

3.    Wide selections of ring designs, all are off the shelf

4.    Ability to magnetize the rings so they become part of the customer systems and not used as a separate ring (reduce assembly tolerances, overall costs and components)

With such advantages, we are able to offer magnetic encoders with performance similar to optical encoders.

As such, new applications are using our solutions:

1.    Digital Printing – with the very high performance products we offer combined with ability to operate at harsh environment and wide installation tolerances, we can offer the perfect fit to this demanding market sector

2.    Medical: with the combination of small size, high resolution and low costs, we can offer the required products

3.    Defense: our encoders operate at very harsh environment. At the same time, they offer high performance and do not carry End Use/r declarations

You are welcome to review the various magnetic encoders on our website and contact us later on for a meeting to discuss your needs. 


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