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New generation robots, either for industrial, medical or defense applications are much more than the old fashion heavy-duty industrial robots. They can be small, mobile, intelligent machines, used anywhere, indoor or outdoor. These robots must be compact, energy efficient, and versatile. WE, in Wesense Motion, understand that every application, and sometimes different needs in a single application, require different solution. As such, both our Optical and Magnetic encoders are a perfect solution for robotics, offering an excellent balance between price and performance in a compact package. With miniature encoders, whether On Axis or Off Axis, we can offer you the perfect fit to your technical and commercial needs.

Position Control

When controlling robotic end effector's position, absolute encoders are the preferred solution. Wesense Motion offers high accuracy Non-Contact magnetic encoders with difference ring diameters and different mechanical mounting solutions. All our encoders use standard market absolute protocols (SSI/BISS). Our encoders are unique in the market as they offer high performance (high resolution and high accuracy) and low costs. The compact size of the miniature magnetic AKS16 encoder means that absolute encoders can be used in creative and tight spaces; the designer no longer needs specialized hardware or software to interact with the encoder, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Speed Control

Precise speed is critical for controlling autonomous robot movement in environments where collisions with other machines or humans are possible. Our miniature optical incremental encoders provide the ideal solution for this type of application, as the small package size allows system designers to optimize their designs without having to give up on performance specifications.


Energy efficiency is a big issue in robotic applications requiring batteries, and brushless DC motors are becoming more prevalent in designs. The On Axis WSV20 incremental + commutation encoder incorporates both the commutation functionality provided by Hall Effect sensors and the high resolution encoder functionality into one small foot-print integrated package. This allows for tighter control between the encoder output and the motor commutation in a reliable and compact manner.

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