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Wide Format Printing

The new Wide Format Digital printers are more sophisticated than ever. Higher throughput means faster travel, higher quality images means higher resolution and lower printing “noise”, lower sales price (and the new financial concept of getting profit from selling the consumables rather than the printer itself) means pushing the R&D team to reduce the BoM costs. All these requirements brings us, the encoder suppliers, to the understanding that a new type of encoder is required. Not an optical encoder any more. However, standard linear magnetic encoder will not do the job. Wesense Motion is proud to offer the new generation magnetic encoder. With scale accuracy of up to ±3µ/m, low SDE and high resolution, we can offer our customers a perfect solution for their needs.  

Position Control

When controlling Digital Printer position, linear incremental encoders are the preferred solution. Wesense Motion offers high accuracy Non-Contact linear magnetic encoders with difference scale pitch (either metric or inch based) and resolutions as high as 20nm!. All our encoders are differential and use robotic cables for perfect assembly. Our encoders are unique in the market as they offer high performance (high resolution and high accuracy) and low costs compared to similar optical encoders. From the industry leader IKS9 magnetic encoder to the miniature IKS11, we have solutions to all your needs. We can offer the scales with back adhesive or aluminum extrusions.

We can offer various scale heights for different application needs.  

DPI Resolution encoders

Although most of the current applications uses metric resolutions, many of the current OEM still prefer to have DPI resolutions. The IKS9 has an optional scale pole pitch of 2.54mm and can offer resolutions as high as 508,000 DPI. 

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